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Grown Folks Chicken -N-Waffles


Chef Tam has taken years to perfect the seasoning for her fried chicken. She has no-doubt become famous for her highly addictive grown folks chicken along with the vanilla caramel waffles that compliment her chicken. Her Soul Food Duo's allow you to experience two fo her favorite recipes at home with your family.  Celebrities love it , customers crave it and her family always request it. Chef Tam's special recipe for her spicy Grown Folks Chicken will have you licking your fingers and craving for more . Chef Tam's love for great food brings together your two favorites for this amazing soul food duo. 


Directions Chicken  : Rinse eight to twelve chicken wings and  sprinkle seasoning pac, then cover with two cups of cold butter milk , cover and refrigerate for at least two hours or over night ( Chef Tam's suggestion )  . After at least two hours place two cups of flour in deep mixing bowl and dredge each wing in flour and then dip back in milk and repeat dredging in flour and then Deep Fry in 350 degree vegetable or ( Chef Tam's favorite ) butter flavored shortening until crispy golden finally drain on paper towel.


Directions  Waffles : Stir all mix together with 1 1/2 cups cold water, 2 tablespoons melted butter and 1 egg . Don't over mix , it will be slightly lumpy. Pour batter into a lightly greased and preheated waffle iron , about 4 -5 Minutes until golden brown.


Serve our wonderfully fried chicken wings atop your carmel vanilla waffle and with your favorite syrup and let the Soul Food Duo change the way your family eats.




Grown Folks Chicken -N-Waffles Souls Food Duo Pack

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